Improve Mood and Physical Health through Yoga

Improve Mood and Physical Health through Yoga

Yoga has become a popular fitness option for many people with many high-profile practitioners singing its praises for its boundless benefits. However, despite its popularity, people are still confused and uneducated when it comes to yoga’s benefits. What exactly is yoga? How does it contribute to a person’s wellbeing? These are just some of the common questions asked by people wondering whether to try yoga for the first time.

Yoga has been around for nearly 5,000 years. Originating in India, it combines meditation and exercises, as its underlying principle is to unite the mind, body, and spirit to improve wellbeing. 

Because it is a form of exercise, it can also contribute to weight loss. Furthermore, it can help regulate digestion and improve metabolism. However, much like other workouts, it is not a magic pill that can help you shed weight overnight. Aside from weight loss, its other benefits to physical health include improved flexibility and strength. In fact, Mitzi Reed, who has practiced yoga since her teens, credits yoga in an article on Yoga Six as helping her remain fit and flexible, despite already being in her 50s. Yoga can help prevent injuries, as you enter your senior years. In fact, yoga has also been noted to help delay and even outright prevent back surgery. Other benefits include improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure. 

In terms of improving your mood, it can actually help regulate thoughts because of its meditative nature. As such, this can be a big help for practitioners who suffer from stress, as this can help calm the mind and lift moods. 

In fact, a study published by Duke University Medical Center said that yoga can also help improve concentration. This in turn can help a person improve his or her decision-making skills, because they will be better at evaluating the situations they find themselves in. Yoga can even help improve sleep, which can be very helpful for those who suffer from insomnia. 

What is great about yoga is that it can be taught to anyone. Don’t be intimidated by the photos of yogis who can contort their bodies. The Cody Blog suggests that yoga is for everyone , regardless of age, fitness level, or gender can practice yoga. 

The popularity of yoga has even reached Hollywood. Among the many celebrity followers is Heather Graham, who has been practicing yoga for the past 30-years. Heather Graham is 47 but she looks like she’s in her 20s. Graham is known for her parts in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and The Hangover among other films.

The stunningly beautiful Alicia Vikander is also a keen yogi. The actress, who has recently been cast as Lara Craft for the latest installment of the Tomb Raider series, says she does yoga to stay fit and help her de-stress. The film franchise is one of the most popular ever made, and has several titular games on Steam for PC as well as a hugely popular Tomb Raider slot game hosted on Slingo that are doing their part to ramp up the anticipation for the next film release. The last Tomb Raider film starred Angela Jolie, so the yoga-fit Vikander has big boots to fill. But she is convinced that yoga has helped her get into the perfect shape for the role. 

Should you wish to join the yoga community, you can explore one of the classes mentioned on the Living Social listing above. Alternatively, you can get started by watching a yoga fitness video online to see if this is something that you could be interested in taking up. 





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