Did you know that 68% of people with gym memberships never use them? That probably comes as no surprise! Gyms are boring and often intimidating-so why not mix up your workout routine? We offer amazing Pilates by the lake June-September and on those months where weather and when weather keeps you indoors we come to you!!!  At Pilates On The Go, we offer Pilates as well as Health Coaching Classes our services are developed to work out your busy schedule. Our sessions will help with the overall toning of the body, strengthening of the core, and lengthening overall body. With our unique atmosphere and highly trained instructors we ensure you easy accessibility, personalized attention and a workout that caters to your specific requests. Pilates On The Go is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals in every stage of life. We offer Pilates prenatal and postnatal programs, rehabilitation, senior fitness, increase athletic performance and nutritional coaching. Unlike other workouts, Pilates On The Go leaves you feeling refreshed and energized at the end of your session. Our goal is to teach our clients about movement of the body, balance, coordination, strength, endurance and flexibility so they walk away feeling their best!



"Physical Fitness Is The First Requisite of Happiness"
-Joseph Pilates

Jill Newsom-Mackey, the driving force behind Pilates On The Go, first discovered her love for Pilates over 9 years ago when her long distance running performances led her to an injury. This immediate appreciation for the healing and strength building effects of practicing Pilates has led her to teaching others. Jill’s expertise in rehabilitative training makes her highly sought after by clients with knee surgeries, spinal fusions, and other debilitating ailments. She specializes in athletes, rehabilitation, pre and post-natal, and clients with chronic illnesses. Jill received her Pilates mat and full comprehensive certification education with Power Pilates. She is a member of Pilates Foundation and also blogs on several US and South American based social media forums on the latest Pilates trends. Jill stems from a healthcare background and is very in tune with the overall wellness industry as a whole. Her keen eye and ability to zero in on each person’s specific need creates a highly personal and tailor-made workout for any age or physical level. Her sessions are a fusion of strength and stretching exercise focusing on quality of movement.  


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