Recreate Your Body With Pilates!

Women, Men, all ages, all walks of life, and all levels of fitness are welcome at Pilates On The Go. We train you in the original Pilates method and use traditional Pilates resistance-based equipment, but we ensure that your workout meets YOUR needs.
Have a crazy schedule? We are open seven days a week and want to find times that will work for you.
Pilates On The Go wants to be your home for your fitness needs. We currently offer Pilates Private or Group Sessions for Mat or Reformer. As well as Health Coaching workshops via in person or online. We travel to many clients around the Chicago area so take advantage of our convenient services. If you prefer to come visit us we can arrange that as well! 

  • Can’t touch your toes? We can help!
  • Want to tone up thighs, glutes ,core? This is a REAL workout.
  • Need to improve your posture? Pilates is amazing for body alignment.
  • Trying to improve sports performance? Athletes in all fields have found that Pilates enhances training by focusing on specific movements and by filling in the missing pieces and subtleties of movement.
  • Bored with weight training? Pilates will challenge you and build real strength.
  • Looking to engage the brain as well as the body? Pilates keeps the mind focused by integrating coordination, control, and precision in every movement.
  • Doctor wants you to get some exercise? Health care professionals love Pilates.
  • Dealing with a bad back? Pilates focuses on proper alignment of the spine and strengthening the supporting muscles. It is great for people recovering from back woes.

The answer to all of the above is this: Pilates repeatedly confirms that, with steady work, they quickly began to develop stronger, more toned, and more flexible bodies in a matter of weeks.

Intro Offer:

5 Group Classes

(Valid 1 Month)

Book online now, and experience PILATES ON THE GO , don't forget to tell your friends...


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